"All of ZeroW’s coaches have completed the coach development system, which has given them an outstanding knowledge of the principles and methods required to get our clients to where they need to be”

Daniel Carpenter

ZeroW Southside Manager and Coach

Daniel is the manager and head strength coach at ZeroW Southside in Brisbane.

He has had a passion for strength training and body recomposition for over 10 years. Daniel has been personally mentored by Thomas Lilley and completed the ZeroW Coach Development Program, as well as being an ASCA certified coach. 

Daniel has been a competitive powerlifter for several years and has a passion and drive to climb the ranks in the powerlifting world. He has a strong passion to help others and has helped hundreds of lifters reach their strength and physique goals!

 Daniel is available for coaching at ZeroW Southside.

Rachelle Howe

Nutritionist and Coach

Rachelle Howe is an ISSN certified Sports Nutritionist and is currently studying a diploma in performance nutrition. She has also completed the ZeroW Coach Development System and has an ASCA certification.

Rachelle's approach to training and nutrition is iterative, allowing clients to work in a sustainable, educational model, to produce consistent results. She is dedicated to helping her clients work towards self-sufficiency, control and consistency with their nutrition, to complement their performance endeavours.

 Rachelle’s passion fuels her to guide every person she works with to be the best version of themselves and improve their performance and quality of life.

 Rachelle is available for nutrition coaching online, and face-to-face training at ZeroW Southside.

Kahn Stephenson

ZeroW Mackay Manager and Coach

Kahn is the manager and head strength coach at ZeroW Mackay. Kahn has always had an interest in strength sports, pursing powerlifting from 2015 after retiring from rugby league.

Kahn has completed the ZeroW Coach Development course and is training to be an educator under the guidance of Thomas Lilley. He has also completed a diploma of nutrition and diploma of Health Science, as well as the ASCA course.

An accomplished powerlifter himself, Kahn combines his knowledge and experience to deliver best practices in coaching for powerlifters and all athletes in their chosen sports.

Kahn is available for face-to-face coaching at ZeroW Mackay.

Wiktoria Alexandersson

Coach and Sports Nutritionist

Wik is a strength coach and sports nutritionist at ZeroW Mackay. She has been interested in strength training since 2011 and has been a competitive powerlifter since late 2018, rising through the ranks to become one of the most competitive u60kg female lifters in Australia.

Wik’s interests have led her to pursue coaching. Wik has gone on to complete the ZeroW Coach Development course. She has a passion for helping people learn how to lift with the best technique to get the best results.

Wik is available for coaching online and in-person out of ZeroW Mackay.

James Hendry

ZeroW Gold Coast Manager and Coach

James is the manager and a strength & conditioning coach at Ground ZeroW. James specialises in powerlifting training & programming, strength and conditioning and sports-specific training. He has completed ASCA course, as well as the ZeroW Coach Development course, and receives ongoing mentoring from Thomas Lilley.

His passion for strength training started at a young age, to support his endeavours playing rugby league, union and touch football, in which he represented NZ at a junior level. 

James works with lifters of all ages and experience levels, and also has a passion for working with younger athletes, to help them get stronger and more conditioned for their chosen sports. He has worked with some rugby sevens players, NRLW players and up-and-coming junior AFL players. 

 James is available for coaching at Ground ZeroW on the Gold Coast.

Bridget Murphy

ZeroW Gold Coast Manager and Coach

Bridget is a manager and strength coach at Ground ZeroW on the Gold Coast. She has had a love for strength training for over 7 years, and moved to competitive powerlifting in 2021. Bridget has completed the ZeroW Coach Development course, as well as certificates III & IV in Fitness. She has a long history of involvement in sports, with a background in athletics, touch football, swimming and sprinting. Bridget works with people of all ages and has a passion for empowering beginner lifters by helping them find their love for strength training and powerlifting.

Bridget is available for coaching online and in-person out of Ground ZeroW.

Jamie Timms

ZeroW Brisbane Manager and Coach

Jamie has competed and coached soccer at a high level and specialises in strength and conditioning for athletes of all sports, including boxing, soccer, climbing, rugby and powerlifting.

Leisa Ohl

ZeroW Brisbane Manager and Coach

Leisa is an experienced powerlifter, totalling over 400kg at u60kg bodyweight, and has a history of coaching powerlifting, strength training for general health, track and field, and yoga.

Jordan Helyer

ZeroW Wales, UK Coach

Jordan is based in Wales, UK, and has a background of competing at a professional level in tennis, as well as currently competing internationally in powerlifting. Jordan has been coaching for 12 years, working with a variety of individuals ranging from professional athletes, powerlifters and strength enthusiasts.

Jordan prides himself on his eye for detail, and excels in technical coaching. Additionally, Jordan runs the ZeroW Coach Development Course in the Northern Hemisphere. He still has ambitions to continue competing at the highest level as well as coaching individuals to reach their peak. 

Jordan is available for online coaching and education.