Our Mission

"To provide the highest standard of coaching using the best available knowledge to optimise the performance of powerlifters and strength athletes in their chosen sports."


Proven systems with years of experience that can help anyone get to the strongest version of themselves!

We are using the best practices in technique, programming and nutrition. Our specialty is Powerlifting, but we cater to absolutely anybody, from beginners to elite.

Why Choose Zero Weakness?

Years of Coaching Experience

ZeroW has years of coaching experience and has put together systems and processes to help individuals reach their strength and powerlifting goals.

Nationally and internationally recognised

ZeroW is recognised nationally and internationally for its ability to develop some of the strongest people in the world, regardless of their sporting background.

In depth knowledge on technique

We have a very in-depth focus on technique, and an understanding of how to communicate that through any medium to produce amazing results.

Thomas Lilley

Owner and Founder

Thomas is the owner and head coach of Zero Weakness. He is regarded by his peers as one of the best powerlifting coaches in the country and has coached multiple state, national and world champions.

His passion and focus is powerlifting, but he also specialises in strength and conditioning and body recomposition. He considers himself a technician and places a strong emphasis on technique in his coaching. He prides himself on his ability to study and learn the lifting style of his clients, his attention to detail and his skill in conveying messages individually to produce the best results. 

He is also an established powerlifter himself, having competed since he was 18. He has competed at State, National and International levels multiple times, and has several wins under his belt. 

Thomas has a degree in health science, majoring in nutrition, and has years of experience working as a community nutritionist for the Queensland Government. Thomas combines his scientific knowledge and clinical experience to personalise nutrition plans for any goal.

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