ZeroW Brisbane is the premiere strength training gym in Brisbane, specialising in strength sports, powerlifting and sports performance.

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We pride ourselves on our community of like-minded people, hungry to improve their strength, performance and body composition, and a supportive and encouraging environment.

ZeroW Brisbane boasts world-class powerlifting equipment, as well as a long list of machines and strength and conditioning tools, available in air-conditioned comfort. Combined with established coaching principles delivered by expert staff, the ZeroW experience is designed to make you stronger than ever!

We welcome all lifters, regardless of experience level, age or chosen sport.

Don’t just take our word for it – hear what others have to say and come and try it for yourself!

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Leisa Ohl

Co-manager and Strength Coach

Leisa is an experienced powerlifter, totalling over 400kg at u60kg bodyweight, and has a history of coaching powerlifting, strength training for general health, track and field, and yoga.

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Jamie Timms

Co-manager and Strength Coach 

Jamie has competed and coached soccer at a high level and specialises in strength and conditioning for athletes of all sports, including boxing, soccer, climbing, rugby and powerlifting.

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Located at 203 Lutwyche Rd Windsor QLD 4030

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