This elite level coaching system is what ZeroW has used to produce some of the best athletes in powerlifting, as well as taking people of any experience to the next level. To our knowledge, this is the most comprehensive strength training coaching course on the market.

All of ZeroW’s coaches have completed the coach development system, which has given them an outstanding knowledge of the principles and methods required to get our clients to where they need to be
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What is the Coach Development System?

The coach development system is a comprehensive educational course designed to help people develop the principles and skills required to become a world-class powerlifting coach. If you're looking at becoming a strength coach, this course will show you what's required to provide the best possible outcome for your clients, backed by years of testing and application.

This Powerful Coaching System Is Divided Up Into 3 Modules


In the first module, we delve deep into the principles that drive strength training. We start by looking at the principles of the 3 main power-lifts –squat, bench press and deadlift, as well as the concept of stability. This involves an in-depth discussion into the biomechanical rules of each lift, as well as observing those principles in action via video analysis.

Following that, we look at the principles of programming, including broader programming 
concepts, specific fazes and accessory work.


The second module is about translating principles into action. This means taking the principles and learning the best way to apply them in an overarching coaching system. By taking a systematic approach based on defined principles it allows students to develop a deeper understanding of the complete coaching paradigm, meaning they can solve almost any problem.


The final module is all about powerlifting. In this module, we revisit the concepts of technique and programming in the specific context of the sport of powerlifting. We look at what it takes to coach powerlifters to every level, from beginner to the elite, in every aspect, including mindset, game-day strategy, the role of equipment, fatigue and recovery, weight cuts, and common injuries and set backs.


This module is optional, as we understand that with strength coach training and education, not every coach has a vested interest in powerlifting.


The course is delivered weekly via video calls in small groups. Each week, the calls are recorded and uploaded to a cloud, so students have access to all of the material.

There is one call per week, lasting for an hour. Written material is provided along the way (where applicable) to support the content of the calls. The process is interactive and iterative, allowing students to immerse themselves in the process and learn to apply their knowledge through frequent questioning in the calls.

 The small group environment allows students to connect with others in the industry, from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions. It provides exposure to other ideologies, allowing them to learn to solve problems faster, via a greater exposure to different styles of teaching movement. Students also have access to a private community, where exclusive content is delivered.

The most worth while investment

I have made!

The ZeroW Coach Development Program is possibly the most worthwhile investment I have made. Not only is the content of the highest standard but the delivery by Thomas is performed in a way that encourages critical thinking and justification of one’s own knowledge, rather than simply being spoon-fed information to regurgitate at a later date. 
It has helped reinforce many of my beliefs in strength training but also allowed me to better justify these beliefs, in the process making me a more confident coach and one who is better at communicating his ideologies. It has also built upon my existing knowledge base and made me hungrier to continue to learn and develop as a coach, both during this course and beyond it.
If you want to be a successful strength or powerlifting coach, I don’t think any other qualification would come close to providing you with the knowledge and framework of the ZeroW Coach Development Program and is not just an investment in your own knowledge, but also your future success as a coach.

The ZeroW Coach Development Program has improved my knowledge immensely

The ZeroW Coach Development Program has improved my knowledge immensely. Before I started the course I had very little understanding of programming, biomechanics and technique surrounding the squat, bench and deadlift. Each session I take something away from and can apply to my own training and coaching.
Doing the course has definitely made me more confident in my own ability to understand/troubleshoot poor lifting when I see it and has definitely made me more confident in how to fix these issues. 
The course is interactive and it's good that Thomas allows us to ask questions as the course is being run.
I would 100% recommend the course to coaches in the fitness industry of any level or experience. You'd be silly not to want to learn from one of the best industry professionals!

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