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We are using the best practices in technique, programming and nutrition. Our ultimate specialty is powerlifting, but we cater to absolutely anybody, from beginners to the elite.

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Ground ZeroW has been the Gold Coast’s leading strength training gym for 10 years.

We pride ourselves on our community of like-minded people, hungry to improve their strength, performance and body composition, and a supportive and encouraging environment.

Ground ZeroW boasts world-class powerlifting equipment, as well as a long list of machines and strength and conditioning tools. Combined with established coaching principles delivered by expert staff, the ZeroW experience is designed to make you stronger than ever!

We welcome all lifters, regardless of experience level, age or chosen sport.

Don’t just take our word for it – hear what others have to say and come and try it for yourself!

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James Hendry

Manager & Strength Coach

James is the manager and a strength & conditioning coach at Ground ZeroW. James specialises in powerlifting training & programming, strength and conditioning and sports-specific training. He has completed ASCA course, as well as the ZeroW Coach Development course, and receives ongoing mentoring from Thomas Lilley.

His passion for strength training started at a young age, to support his endeavours playing rugby league, union and touch football, in which he represented NZ at a junior level. 

James works with lifters of all ages and experience levels, and also has a passion for working with younger athletes, to help them get stronger and more conditioned for their chosen sports. He has worked with some rugby sevens players, NRLW players and up-and-coming junior AFL players. 

James is available for coaching at Ground ZeroW on the Gold Coast.

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Bridget Murphy

Communications Manager & Strength Coach

Bridget is a manager and strength coach at Ground ZeroW on the Gold Coast. She has had a love for strength training for over 7 years, and moved to competitive powerlifting in 2021. Bridget has completed the ZeroW Coach Development course, as well as certificates III & IV in Fitness. She has a long history of involvement in sports, with a background in athletics, touch football, swimming and sprinting. Bridget works with people of all ages and has a passion for empowering beginner lifters by helping them find their love for strength training and powerlifting.

Bridget is available for coaching online and in-person out of Ground ZeroW.

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Located at 4/36 Newheath Dr, Arundel, Gold Coast, QLD 4214

Opening hours 24/7, staffed hours 8am-7pm Mon to Friday

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