Bringing The Premium Option Of Powerlifting & Strength Training To Mackay

We are using the best practices in technique, programming and nutrition. Our ultimate specialty is powerlifting, but we cater to absolutely anybody, from beginners to the elite.

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 We pride ourselves on our community of like-minded people, hungry to improve their strength, performance and body composition, and a supportive and encouraging environment.

ZeroW Mackay boasts world-class powerlifting equipment, as well as a long list of machines and strength and conditioning tools, available in air-conditioned comfort. Combined with established coaching principles delivered by expert staff, the ZeroW experience is designed to make you stronger than ever!

We welcome all lifters, regardless of experience level, age or chosen sport.

Don’t just take our word for it – hear what others have to say and come and try it for yourself!

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Kahn Stephenson

Manager of ZeroW Mackay

Kahn is the manager and head strength coach at ZeroW Mackay. Kahn has always had an interest in strength sports, pursing powerlifting from 2015 after retiring from rugby league.

Kahn has completed the ZeroW Coach Development course and is training to be an educator under the guidance of Thomas Lilley. He has also completed a diploma of nutrition and diploma of Health Science, as well as the ASCA course.

An accomplished powerlifter himself, Kahn combines his knowledge and experience to deliver best practices in coaching for powerlifters and all athletes in their chosen sports.

Kahn is available for face-to-face coaching at ZeroW Mackay. 

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Wiktoria Alexandersson

Strength Coach and Sports Nutritionist

Wik is a strength coach and sports nutritionist at ZeroW Mackay. She has been interested in strength training since 2011 and has been a competitive powerlifter since late 2018, rising through the ranks to become one of the most competitive u60kg female lifters in Australia.

Wik’s interests have led her to pursue coaching. Wik has gone on to complete the ZeroW Coach Development course. She has a passion for helping people learn how to lift with the best technique to get the best results.

Wik is available for coaching online and in-person out of ZeroW Mackay

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Located at 5 Kay Ct, Mount Pleasant QLD 4740

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